Baldwin Senna pods


100% Pure Senna Leaves

Senna (Cassia senna / Cassia angustifolia) grows in China, Pakistan & India (where the majority of our stock comes from) and the leaves and pods have been used traditionally for may years to treat constipation.

One of the more popular herbs sold in our shop on Walworth Road, Senna stimulates bowel muscle contractions and is chiefly known as a stimulating laxative.

Sennosides are the constituent glycosides that create this effect, they also increase fluid secretion by the colon, this in turn softens hard stools and assists with stool movement.

Using senna in capsule or tablet form is recommended, though a tea can be made from the leaf.

However, senna leaf’s use for more than ten days is not recommended. If there are still issues surrounding constipation after this time then you should seek the help of a healthcare professional.

There are many purported uses for senna that should not be recommended, one of these is its use for weight loss.

Using laxatives for weight loss is definitely not recommended. Laxatives should never take the place of a healthy diet & lifestyle for losing weight and their use and abuse can have serious health implications.


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