CM Naturals Organic Turmeric Powder



  • NATURE’S OWN REMEDY – Turmeric has been known for centuries as a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant superfood.
  • CURCUMIN – Turmeric’s magic power comes from the curcumin within. Our turmeric powder is packed with natural curcumin, as its made from turmeric root.
  • NATURAL AND ORGANIC – Nothing artificial added, no unnecessary heat to keep it as natural as possible, and the curcumin intact.
  • GREAT FOR COOKING – Turmeric is great for cooking, removing any unnatural flavours and aromas, as well as adding delicious colour and flavour to your food. You can add it to savoury dishes, smoothies, golden milk, cleansing juices and as a way to support your health.
  • ETHICALLY SOURCED – Our turmeric is sourced from Sri Lanka, where we work with farmer’s cooperatives to provide sustainable incomes to our partners. Check out our website to see our commitment to the UNDP Sponsored Business Call to Action Programme.


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