Sci-Mx OMNImx Hardcore 4.35kg

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Sci-Mx brings an elite grade all-in-one mass gain solution with proven active ingredients and a scientifically engineered brand new formula.NOW Extra SPECIAL PRICE OF £49.99

The science behind it shows:
MASS GAIN PROTEIN TO CARB RATIO: with 46g protein, 72g carbohydrates and 527 calories per serving which contribute to the perfect mass gain.
9-HOUR MUSCLE SUPPORT: fast, medium and slow release proteins coninually deliver amino acids to muscle for up to 9 hours.
WORKOUT POWER: the formula contains 2 different forms of creatine to increase physical performance during short-term, high intensity, repeated exercise bouts.
ANABOLIC EFFECT: Vitamin B6 is added to contribute to the regulation of hormone activity, supporting a normal anabolic drive.
TESTOSTERONE SUPPORT: ZMA with zinc contributes to the maintainance of normal serum testosterone concentrations.
COMBATS WORKOUT FATIGUE: Optimum levels of B6 and magnesium help reduce tiredness and fatigue