weight management

Includes diet proteins and some fat burners to help with weight loss.

Obesity is becoming a big issue of the present time and it is only likely to get worse.
One in every four British adults is thought to be obese, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation,
prompting fears that the UK has become the “fat man of Europe”.
The UK has the highest level of obesity in Western Europe, ahead of countries such as France, Germany, Spain and Sweden,
the 2013 report says.

Obesity levels in the UK have more than trebled in the last 30 years and, on current estimates, more than half the
population could be obese by 2050. These figures are alarming and the complications of obesity are much worse as
it is leading to other chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular helath problems, cholesterol as well as
physical conditions such as joint problems.

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