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Nature’s Plus Organic Vitamin D3 5000iu VCaps 60

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Natures Plus Tri-Immune – 60 tablets

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Yeti Juice Pre workout 480g

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Extra Strength Optibac probiotics 30 Caps

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Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein

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Organic Sage 400mg


Vitamins, Supplements & Health Foods Store in the UK

Pumpernickel health foods store is a one-stop shop for all your natural and fitness needs. At Pumpernickel, you can buy the best range of vitamins, supplements, vegan products, sports nutrition, and natural & herbal remedies in the UK!

We are one of the largest online health foods stores stocking all major brands including, Solgar, Biocare, Viridian, Solaray, Nature’s Plus, and Vogel. In addition, we have a good range of Eco-friendly Body Care and Homecare Products.We also have a large sports nutrition department which is located on the first floor of our shop. Browse our health categories and select the products of your choice from our online health store.

Why choose Pumpernickel Health Foods Store?

Located at The Arcade, in Bedford, Pumpernickel Natural Health Store is a complete physical and online store that you can buy all your natural health products. We are proud to offer you excellent service in-store. Now continue our services and huge knowledge base for online customers. The human diet often falls short of the variety of nutrition needed for optimum health and we are here to help you!

Our stock includes a huge variety of supplements, vitamins, and health foods. Which we have carefully selected over the span of 35 years. It also includes products that are difficult to find in the UK market.

Besides our products we provide excellent advice service to help you make the best selection. We are known for the variety of choices and for keeping up with the latest trends including vegan and vegetarian products.

Here you can also find massively discounted Sports Nutrition Products that are well known in local gyms. These include Whey Protein, Creatine, Muscle builders, Weight gainers, and pre-workout energy drinks. In addition, we also stock all major brands of sports including

  • Maximuscle
  • Optimum Nutrition
  • Gaspari, My protein
  • BSN,
  • Sci Mx
  • USN
  • and Muscletech.

It is also worth checking out our own branded products. Browse our categories and select the products of your choice from our store. For further information, you can email us or contact us via phone.


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“I honestly can't find a words that will describe the Owner of the Shop how helpfuly and knowledgeable he is. He helped me reverse all the symptoms of FND, condition with severe chronic pains, non epileptic seizures, paralysis, slured speach and many more horrible sympotms where my GP couldn't do anything. I was on the right path of being disabled and Pumpernickel Owner helped me with his advice and knowledge to find the right suplement Elderberry Exctract and put me on the mend. Im FOREVER GRATEFULL for saving me from this horrible disorder.”
Duda Jankovic
“This shop is a little gold mine of amazing products and such helpful staff. Waheed has a vast knowledge of the products and how effective they can be. After an initial telephone consultation I received the products by post, and 3 weeks later, I am noticing the benefits already. Thank you”
Natalie Guerin
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