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Why choose Pumpernickel Health Foods Store

Pumpernickel Natural Healthcare Store is located in Bedford at The Arcade. It’s a complete online and physical store where you can find all of your natural health products. We are proud that we can offer excellent service in-store. We are proud to continue offering our excellent service in-store and have a vast knowledge base online for customers. Our stock contains a wide range of vitamins and supplements. We have carefully chosen these products over the past 35 years. There are also products that are hard to find on the UK market. To help you make the right choice, we also offer exceptional advice. We’re known for our wide range of products and for keeping up to date with new trends, including vegetarian and vegan products. Because you can also find heavily discounted Sports Nutrition Products which are well-known in local gyms. These products certainly include Whey Protein and Creatine, Weight gainers, Muscle builders, and pre-workout Energy drinks. We also stock major sports brands, including
  • Maximuscle,
  • Optimum Nutrition,
  • Gaspari, My protein,
  • BSN,
  • Sci Mx,
  • USN,
  • Muscletech.
 Above all, You might also want to check out our own products. Browse through our categories to find the product you are looking for in our store. Email us or call us for more information.
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