Here at Pumpernickel Bedford we have Degree Qualified staff with over 20 years of health and nutrition experience to advise you best in any enquiry you may have regarding your health.  You will get one on one advice from one of our nutritionist on functional nutrition, giving you optimal use of nutritional supplements specific to your health needs.

How to book:

If you first reserve a date that suits you from the calendar below. Secondly if you could fill out all of your personal details in the from below (this is so that we can contact you for the consultation). once you’ve filled that form in if you’d like to click send. This will let us know what time you would like a session with us. The final step in this process is to purchase the 30 min time slot which is found under the form you just filled out. Once you have completed these steps you can sit back and relax and just make sure to look out for an email that will be sent to you with instructions on what will happen next!

Please note that all of our sessions are held on zoom. We will provide you with instructions on how to install and use the application. #healthconsultation

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