What are Probiotics

Probiotics refer to friendly bacteria which colonise the digestive tract.  Friendly, because they work in many helpful ways for our body. Check our range of Probiotics Supplements & Tablets below!

Probiotics Benefits

They are generally known to be good for digestive complaints such as IBS and other related problems. They also help to boost the immune system, prevent harmful bacteria from taking hold (helping to prevent infections), and help us to absorb nutrients from our diet. A proper balance between the beneficial bacteria and harmful bacteria must be kept to maintain a healthy, regular digestive system.

Capsules vs Yogurt

Live yogurts commercially available and also contain live bacteria, but often they are not high enough in probiotics to be of therapeutic levels. And it is not always possible to know what strains they are using and how much they contain. In fact, it is estimated that 1 capsule, of a standard capsule, is equivalent to having 8 pots of yogurt.

Our Range

These bacteria are easily destroyed, the ranges we stock on the shelves have been enhanced. The stability of the bacteria is freeze dryed an acid stable matrix that helps to protect them from stomach acid by up to 50 times. In a recent independent study, not many products can live up to their label claim.

Browse our range of Probiotics Supplements & Tablets below and, if you are vegan, we also have probiotics for you here!

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