Vegan Probiotics

Most probiotics on the market are from dairy sources, vegan probiotics are still not that readily available. Vegan probiotics are indeed required by alot of people as the most common allergy is dairy.  if you are on dairy free diet, you need to make sure you are taking vegan probiotics.

Vegan probiotic uk is big term is used in the vegan circle very frequently, and indeed it needs to be.  What ever the reason for becoming vegan, you need to choose correct supplements to suit your lifestyle. Vegan probiotics are better tolerated and will often work better than dairy based probiotics.

Foods choices for obtaining or increasing the amount prebiotics  and vegan probiotics include sauerkraught, and other fermented foods such as kimchi,  which is a spicy, fermented cabbage dish that is popular in Korean cuisine.  Other food sources of natural vegan probiotic sources include Pickled vegetables, Kombucha. Water kefir, Tempeh. Sourdough bread and Miso.

However western diet especially in uk is not very high in these foods, hence vegan probiotics in uk need to be supplemented.  Digestive issues are becoming increasingly difficult to deal with as diets are generally poor and do not provide the body with correct nutrition. Gut is now known to be linked to many other chronic type ailments, including mental illness. Many recent media headlines have talked about the connection of brain and gut axis.  This makes it more important we need to educate ourselves on changing our diets for better gut health.  More probiotics research is needed as it appears in future we could prevent many illnesses by enhancing our gut flora.

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