Candida is the most common form of yeast infection. It is caused by an over growth of the Candida fungus that is usually kept in check by our immune system and good bacteria. When this occurs it can cause symptoms such as white discharge, itching and discomfort around the genitals, red itchy rash that scales over with white or yellow discharge on ther areas of the skin such as armpits, groin and between the fingers.

Supplements for candida are increasing on the health shop shelves, as this problem is now becoming more and more prevalent.  The reason for this is probably excessive use of antibiotics and the combination of bad diets high in processed foods, which are low in good nutrition. Amongst the popular supplements include herbal extracts such as garlic, grapefruit seed extracts and probiotics. These all help to reduce this fungal infection and help bring the balance of good micro flora.

Candida supplement uk is another term increasingly searched for many online customers.  But the problem cannot be solved by just candida supplements, cutting out sugar from the diet needs to implemented.  This is one big factor in managing this condition and it may take many months or even years indeed to try and rebuild a good immune system to keep gut health in check.

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