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Who said your best friend doesn’t deserve a good essence? Check our range of essences for pets and give your friend the best!

Usage of Essences for Pets

Our essences can be used to relax the animal prior to a particularly distressing event e.g. travel, fireworks, vet or farrier visits, horse shows, re-homing, or loss of owner or animal friend.

This fast-acting remedy can help to calm and provide relief for the animal.

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  • Emergency Essence for pets

    Bach flower remedy for pets This combination of the flower essences of Bluebells, Star of Bethlehem, Aspen, Cherry Plum, Clematis, Elm, Impatiens, Mimulus, Oak, Olive, Orange Hawkweed, Rock Rose, Walnut, Water Violet provides support after acute or critical events as it can bring balance to the system and initiate calm.
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  • Highly Strung Essence

    Blended specifically for overactive, edgy, frisky, excitable and upredictable animals, this combination of Agrimony, Aspen, Bluebells, Chamomile, Chicory, Cherry Plum, Copper Beech, Impatiens, Rock Water, Scleranthus, Vervain.
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  • Separation Essence Bach flower remedy for pets

    How sad when an animal has to be separated from its owner or animal friend even for a short period of time. Holidays, re-homing and young parting from their mothers are all situations that many animals find themselves in.
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  • Timid Essence Bach flower remedy for pets

    This blend of Mimulus, Rock Rose, Aspen, Bluebells, Chamomile, Cherry Plum, Copper Beech, Elm, Honeysuckle, Larch, Pink Cherry, Pink Yarrow, Vervain and Walnut flower essences provides natural relief for animals who are submissive, nervous and ring shy.
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