Why take Multivitamins?

Natural and good multivitamins should be sourced to maintain good health. The reason for mentioning good multivitamins is that the majority of vitamins are too low to make a difference to your health.

Normally one does not get enough vitamins and minerals through diet alone.

Western Diet and Vitamins

Due to the hectic lifestyle, processed foods, and pollution of the air, most of the people in the west are just not getting enough nutrients through diets.

Diets are no longer providing sufficient amounts of key antioxidants such as selenium, which once was readily available in our diet. However, since the grain revolution and the over-cultivation of foods, soils are now depleted and hence selenium needs to be supplemented.

Good and bad multivitamins

There is a huge range of multivitamins online in the UK market. People are purchasing them regularly. However, the majority of vitamins rely on synthetic vitamins and usually will not provide enough nutrients to feel any improvement.

A good multivitamin ideally needs to be natural and reasonably with high strength so that the absorption rate can be optimised. Only then you would see a difference in your health after taking multivitamins.

Most multivitamins now contain the standard nutrients which in some cases should not be included together. One such example is Iron with Calcium. One stops the other from being absorbed, combining the two together is illogical. When purchasing vitamins look for natural multivitamins.

Make sure to discuss your needs with someone for your particular needs. If you want, you can book a consultation with our expert and make the most out of our products!

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