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OptiBac Saccharomyces boulardii


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Sacchromyces Boulardii is a popular probiotic with alot of research and is gaining massive popularity in chronic gut related conditions such as IBD and IBS.

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About Saccharomyces boulardii:

Saccharomyces boulardii is a natural and safe microorganism with vast scientific research and documentation. It is a unique strain that has been safely used for the last 50 years. It should be noted that it is a natural food supplement, and not a medicine.

Most importantly this friendly yeast is more robust to than more common live cultures. It shows strong resistance to heat, humidity and stomach acidity levels. These live cultures of S. boulardii have been tested and shown to be especially stable and resistant. This results is it reaching the gut unharmed, which can be a concern of other strains.

Many health concerns have been said to show great improvement due to this powerful strain. It is widely used to treat diarrhoea. Also, it may also be useful in the treatment of acne, crohns, IBS, Hives, UTI,  Lyme and much more. This of course, makes it a great addition to your daily routine!

About OptiBac:

Jalal, Soraya & Farah Janmohamed brought OptiBac to life in 2004 with the help of their father. Their father had dedicated over 35 years to working as a successful pharmacist, giving them a passion for health & wellbeing. Due to this, they were keen to move into something with a stronger focus on natural health. They were excited to discover more, having all been blown away by taking friendly bacteria supplements.

Undoubtedly their expertise is in exploring specific species and strains. Research shows that different live cultures will have different modes of action in the body. They are proud to have introduced a number of strains to the UK.

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