Health Consultation Slot (In Person)

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Health Consultation Slot

We have Degree Qualified staff with over 20 years of health and nutrition advice experience.  You will get a one to one advice on functional nutrition,  giving you optimal use of nutritional supplements specific to your health needs.

Health Consultation Slot Includes:

Immune support how to optimise your immune system through diet and nutrition.

Digestive health, how to improve your gut health through supplementation including IBS, Colitis and chrohn’s.

Joint Health, how to improve flexibility and better pain management as well as helping repair cartilage.

Women’s Health, how to cope with hormonal imbalances, Pmt/PMS and Menopause.

Men’s Health, how to maintain good health and key nutrition specific to mans health

Childrens Health, how to optimise health for children that do not eat well and are always unwell

Mental Health, How to optimise your mental wellbeing and improve positive outlook.

and many more topics.


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Health Consultation SlotHealth Consultation Slot (In Person)
Original price was: £69.99.Current price is: £35.99.
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