Mutant Mass Muscle Mass Gainer 2.27kg

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Mutant Mass

Mutant Mass is the ultimate muscle mass gainer, and it’s no wonder why it holds the title of the number one selling product in its category worldwide. With its high protein profile and calorie-dense formula, Mutant Mass delivers unrivaled results.

When you examine the impressive nutritional breakdown, each 260-gram serving of Mutant Mass provides a whopping 1,050 calories, 192 grams of carbs, and a 56-gram protein blend. When incorporated into your regular diet, this powerful formula helps you increase weight and accelerate muscle gain.

Each container of Mutant Mass, weighing 2.27kg, contains 16 servings. A single serving amounts to 140g. To prepare, simply add between 360ml and 600ml of water to a shaker cup, then add one serving of Mutant Mass. Shake or blend for 15 seconds and enjoy the delicious shake.

For effective weight gain, Mutant Nutrition recommends consuming two servings of Mutant Mass daily. This will provide the necessary nutrients to support your muscle-building goals.

Experience the power of Mutant Mass, the ultimate muscle mass gainer that delivers outstanding results.


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Mutant MassMutant Mass Muscle Mass Gainer 2.27kg
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