Covid-19 Nutrition support

Most people now know the main symptoms of corona virus infection, and also the general precautions regarding safe distancing and not to be going out unless absolutly necessary.  I will not bore you with these but probably worth discussing prevention and managing symptoms.  It is now known that this virus attacks your throat initially in most cases,  hence it is highly important that we drink lots of hot drinks. Herbal teas make a good hot drink as they have herbs and spices which are soothing as well good for general wellbeing.  Additionally, hot water and lemon drank regularly can help clear throat. This shoud be increased if you actually start to have heavy sore throat.

Apple cider vinegar being a strong anti bacterial agent possibly with added hot water may also be useful as it may help to remove the phlem and get it in the stomach, where the stomach acid should kill the bateria or even a virus. However with caution though as it can be a little too strong for some.

Other important things to consider are megadose vitamin c therapy, it is well known that vitamin c is good for the immune system. In this particular case the immune system needs to be working optimally, a  few large scale studies have started in shanghai recently megadosing of vitamin cVitamin D again a large initial doses and than continuing on a higher than average doses will work on getting the immune system working quicker. Indeed in the recent years vitamin d’s importance has been well publicised. It is also a good idea to stock up on a really good tonic such as source of life gold, it is highly abundant in nutrition and full fills your bodys requirements of most of minerals and vitamins in a base of superfoods which will give your immune system a good fighting chance.

Amongst other things that are really good specific to your immune system include, Elderberry extract, Olive leaf Extract and Astragalus.  Elderberry has been shown to reduce the symtoms associted with cold/flu and is known stop inflenza virus from replicating.  This is highly importasnt at an onset of flu symptoms and may stop the full attack. Astragalus, again shown really good results in terms of cold/flu treatment and is thought to increase white blood cell activity. Which is going to be needed for a good defence. It is also antistress and can help strengthen mind as well as body.  Olive leaf has had some very interesting results for its antiviral properties,  and is now frequently recommended for immune system enhancement.

One last product that i wish to include here is black seed oil. Black seeds have alot of historical use in many cultures.  I believe it is also mentioned in the bible as cure and in Islam it is also highly regarded.  Phophet Mohammed has mentioned it as a cure for  all illnesses apart from death. It is now being investigated for its therapeautic value.  Some very interesting results are being achieved. Three of main areas of reasearch include immune system balance, cadiovascular support, as well as protection of cellular function. If you combine all of these benefits, in theory it covers the main areas of the body that potentially people need help, hence a really good overall protection.

It is also highly important that we do not over worry and keep our mind healthy.  As stress also has a negative affect on your immune system.  There are many ways you can keep stress down, by excercising,  by having nice hot baths with sea salt, listening to good music, keeping in touch with family and freinds over the internet and above all keeping thoughts positive.  If you get more anxious and develope anxiety sysmtoms than it is important to seek help. Consider, L-theanine which balances serotonin and creates calmness in the mind.