Rosemary Oil May Boosts Brain Power

A recent article published highlighted the benefits of Rosemary Oil in terms of boosting brain power. The sales of rosemary oil rocketed in the recent exam period. Many students find it helps with boosting brain power and helps them concentrate better.

Benefits of rosemary oil

  • Muscle function:
    • adding a few drops into the bath is very stimulating and revitalizing and wakes up those senses.
  • Hair loss:
    • due to its stimulating action, it not only nourishes the hair but also helps to stimulate the scalp and helps in hair growth.  Many anti-hair loss lotions and potions use it in their preparations.
    •  If you want to use for hair loss, mix a few drops of the shampoo on the palm of your hand with shampoo and wash hair with it.
    • Not only will you feel revitalized but also help condition the hair.  Come in and see us for more information.
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