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Vitamin D: More than just A Sun Shine Vitamin


What Is It?

  • A fat-soluble vitamin, which means it best absorbs if you take it with avocado or some other source of healthy fat
  • Created by the body when skin is exposed to sunlight, that is why it’s called “the sunshine vitamin”
  • Other sources include fatty fish (like salmon), egg yolks, and fortified dairy products

How Does It Support Immune Health?

  • Studies have shown a link between deficiency and impaired immune function
  • Has demonstrated an ability to improve the body’s defenses against infection
  • Helps regulate the immune system so that it reacts appropriately to genuine threats without becoming overactive and attacking the body’s own tissues

Its Other Functions Are?

  • Helps calcium build strong bones and teeth
  • linked to cardiovascular well-being
  • Low levels associated with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes
  • It plays a role in regulating the nervous system

What Supplemental Forms Are Best?

  • Vitamin D3, unlike D2, is more effective in raising blood levels
  • Available in strengths up to 5,000 IU and in a variety of forms—including tablets, soft gels, capsules, chewable and liquids
  • Children’s formulations are also available

What Else Should I Know?

Lack of sun exposure due to people spending more time indoors has resulted in widespread suboptimal levels of vitamin D (one study found an overall US deficiency rate of more than 41%)

†The information provided is not an endorsement of any product and is intended for educational purposes only. NaturesPlus does not provide medical advice and does not offer a diagnosis of any conditions. Current research on this topic is not conclusive and further research may be needed in order to prove the benefits described.

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