By Chris Wilkerson

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Disclaimer: While various forms of low-carb dieting have been used for many decades to overcome a range of problems, this article does not recommend that anyone undertake self-treatment or avoidance of prescribed drugs without consulting a physician or qualified healthcare practitioner first.

Oatmeal is a hearty breakfast staple that’s easy to make and totally customizable.


By Lisa James


Chia is the new kitchen staple, and for good reason: It provides loads of protein and healthy omega-3 fat. The ancient Aztecs knew what they were doing when they used hydrating chia seed as fuel for their athletes and warriors. But now researchers have found a ton of additional upside in this tiny seed, including its use in protein powder.

Ultra-distance runner Wayne Coates, PhD, says that chia “boasts so many benefits and addresses so many health conditions that many people feel it is one of the most beneficial functional foods around.”


Bread glorious Bread!!

Ah bread, what a strange relationship we have had. The many years of the gluten filled delight being a major part of my diet. . . Continue Reading…