Source of Life Animal Parade Tummy Zyme


Source Of Life Tummy Zyme Children’s Chewable is the complete natural digestive enzyme supplement kids love.

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Source Of Life Tummy Zyme Children’s Chewable is a complete natural digestive enzyme supplement.  It has a delightful tropical fruit flavor, and is in a fun, animal-shaped chewable tablet.

It contains highly active food enzymes that help digest and liberate proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Powerful, yet gentle to the stomach, these digestive enzymes help to ensure that the wholesome nutrients in foods reach children’s growing tissues, improving health and digestive comfort.  Tummy is where all the bugs begin their onslaught and start to cause gut issues.  More and more children are suffering from digestive complaints due to food sensitivities and bad diets in general. Source of life Animal Parade Tummy Zyme would certainly help ease tummy ache by helping digest foods.