Mutant Mass 6.8kg

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Mutant Mass Weight Gainer

Mutant Mass is a great tasting, weight gainer powder that delivers quality nutrition over and over so you can focus on powering through your workouts.

Specially designed by Mutant, each serving is rich in protein to help build and repair body tissues, packed with slow-release carbs, and provides 550 calories for boosting your intake.

You can easily double your intake by using double the servings, which bumps you up to a huge 1,100 calories per shake.

Product Details:

  • 6.8kg = 49 servings
  • 140g = 1 serving


  • Provides serious lean muscle gain through a calorie-dense formula
  • High-calorie weight gainer for bodybuilding and sports nutrition
  • Designed for athletes and bodybuilders seeking extra power, muscle size, and strength
  • Contains 10 different sources of high-quality proteins
  • Assembled for absurd gains in muscle mass
  • Over 1000 growth-invoking calories per serving
  • Full experimental dose of protein, clean carbs, and critical fats
  • Addictive tasting formula that mixes easily

Experience the power of Mutant Mass weight gainer and take your muscle mass gains to the next level. Fuel your workouts and achieve your fitness goals with this premium supplement.

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Mutant MassMutant Mass 6.8kg
Original price was: £99.99.Current price is: £64.99.
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