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TIANA Advanced Formula Memory Oil® guarantees premium quality, purity, and sustainability of ingredients. It proudly originates from the UK, reflecting the brand’s commitment to excellence.

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Advanced Vegan Formula to Activate Memory and Brain Function

TIANA Advanced Formula Memory Oil® is an award-winning vegan product designed to activate memory and enhance brain function. It features the revolutionary Memory Activation Complex™ and potent bioactive nutrients that support cognitive ability and reduce oxidative stress. This effective liquid formulation allows for direct absorption of nutrients, ensuring maximum benefits.

Key Features:

  • Winner of the Best Vegan Product Award
  • Contains Memory Activation Complex™ and powerful bioactive nutrients
  • Enhances cognitive ability by reducing oxidative stress
  • Sharpens the mind, improves attention, focus, and concentration
  • Daily requirements of omega-3 DHA and vitamin D3
  • Suitable for all adults, including those with diabetes and mild memory impairment
  • Vegan Society Approved

Extensive scientific research supports TIANA Advanced Formula Memory Oil®. It combines the groundbreaking Memory Activation Complex™ with highly concentrated brain-boosting bioactive ingredients. These ingredients activate memory, support cognitive function, and improve concentration by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation in the brain cells. This is particularly beneficial for individuals leading busy, stressful lifestyles with limited cognitive stimulation. The formula also caters to people with diabetes and mild memory impairment.


Av. per 5ml teaspoon % EC NRV*
100% Medium Chain Triglycerides 4.21g
Omega-3 DHA vegan Which typically contains: 60% Omega-3 DHA 250mg 100
Turmeric (curcumin & turmerone) 60mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid Which typically contains: 100% 50mg
Co-enzyme Q10 Which typically contains: 98% CoQ10 50mg
Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) 25µg 100

Please note that the packaging of TIANA Advanced Formula Memory Oil® may vary due to updates. However, the product inside remains unchanged.


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