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Zincatest 100ml


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Zincatest® can be used as a simple and non-invasive test, which gives an indication of zinc status but can also be given as a zinc supplement.

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Zincatest® offers a straightforward, non-invasive test to gauge zinc status and can also function as a zinc supplement, particularly beneficial for individuals facing challenges with swallowing tablets or capsules.

It’s estimated that up to one in three adults in the UK falls below the Reference Nutrient Intake (RNI) for zinc. This deficiency is primarily attributed to refining processes that strip cereal grains of up to 90% of their zinc content and a growing tendency to consume less animal-derived protein.

Each 5ml serving of Zincatest® contains:

Ingredient Amount % NRV (UK RI)
Zinc (as Zinc Sulphate) 15mg 150%

Zincatest® provides a convenient solution for assessing and supplementing zinc levels, catering to the needs of those who find tablets or capsules difficult to swallow.


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